soccer fan





I write ads for a living, but soccer’s my true passion. The sport has always defined me as a person. Growing up my heroes were Champions League galácticos, World Cup legends and Copa Libertadores rock stars. As a teenager, I’d stand in front of the mirror with my hand over my heart and practice my “national-anthem face.” I couldn’t speak Italian, but I’d grab a La Gazzetta dello Sport if I saw one. And when Soccer America arrived in the mail, it felt like Christmas. I went on to play in college and had a few cameos with Indiana’s PDL team.

The beautiful game was my first love and we’re still together.

To me, a near post run is the most dangerous run in soccer. It’s unselfish. It’s gutsy. And It’s determined. That’s what you can expect from this blog. I started The Near Post Run for fans, experts, newcomers and haters. It’s the global game and everyone will have a voice. Thanks for stopping by.

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