Countdown to Kickoff: Neymar Jr.

He’s the man of the moment. And why not. Neymar’s a total crack. He’s a futsal phenom with the type of technical arrogance that defenders fear. He’s a theatrical footballer and an unselfish teammate. He’s deadly from set pieces and very creative in tight spaces.  

Take a look at what PSG’s getting.

Source: All Football

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Kickoff: Neymar Jr.

  1. Emergence of Ligue 1?????
    The English Premier League, Der Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A have long been the top tier of European professional soccer. With the exception of the EPL, the giant leagues have become 2 team races. Barcelona or Real Madrid …Bayern or Dortmund…Juventis or, well, Juventis? Ligue 1 will surpass Serie A in the next decade and present a real theat to La Liga (El Classico notwithstanding). PSG is the new giant but watch out for Marseille, Monaco, and Nice as they build themselves up domestically as the anti-PSG and gain a fan base and revenue. Former Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt bought L’OM last season and intends to buy talent over 4-5 years. Also, there’s a lot of French talent! Les Bleus is a contender internationally. French is spoken throughout Africa and players from Africa don’t count against the roster rules. Politically and economically France is in better shape than Spain and Italy right now. Neymar is young!!!! The door may be opening for a growing interest into Ligue 1.


  2. It’s a given that Neymar will elevate the French League and increase viewership around the world. And you’re spot on regarding the League’s growth potential. But don’t sleep on Serie A. Foreign money is pouring into that league, too. Watch as Roma, Napoli and Milan battle Juventus for the Scudetto.


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