James Rodríguez Scores Again

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Haters and doubters? Check. Supporters and fans? Over 32 million of those on Instagram alone. Without question, James Rodríguez is still a galáctico, and he always will be.

Blessed with a razor-sharp left foot, a marketable smile and a résumé that any footballer would dream of, James is a world-class superstar that’s still getting better.

After 36 goals, 38 assists, a League title and two European Championships, James was loaned to German giants Bayern Munich, king of the Bundesliga and an annual contender in the Champions League.

If you think it’s a demotion, you’re naive. I know, nothing can top Real Madrid. James knows that, too. But c’mon, people. He’s going to play at the Allianz Arena for a perennial League champion and five-time European Cup winner.

He’ll make an immediate impact in the Champions League and play for a manager that values him immensely. Carlo Ancelotti knows that the player that scored 17 goals for Real Madrid in 2014 is now stronger, wiser and hungrier and ever.

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From a business perspective, the 2-year loan benefits all parties. The Colombian captain will earn over €8 million a year until 2019. Bayern will have the option of signing James permanently for around €40 million, a far cry from the €80 million that Real Madrid paid Monaco after the last World Cup.

European football is as much about trophies as it is about global expansion. By signing James, the Bayern Munich brand will explode around the world, particularly in Colombia and South America.

Those 32 million followers of his on Instagram and the 12 million on Twitter became instant Bayern fans. And I’m sure Madridistas from around the world will support James from afar.

So, Real Madrid no longer has to pay his wages and can now focus on signing their next galáctico, Ligue 1 star Kylian Mbappe. Meanwhile James will have a golden opportunity to prove his worth and potentially increase his market value. It’s a win-win.

Were his three years at Real Madrid a failure? Hardly. Were they underwhelming? Possibly, but you’d have to consider the factors. An €80 million transfer fee heaps ungodly expectations on any player in the world not named Messi or Cristiano.

James played for three different managers with three very different tactical philosophies. In 2017, Bayern Munich are getting a versatile creative midfielder with impeccable touch and elite field awareness. He’s a classic number 10 with very modern footballing characteristics.

He’ll shoot from anywhere and can carve up a defense that parks the bus, or lead a three-man counter if the game opens up. In the right situation, he’ll put a team on his back and run through a brick wall for his teammates.

At 26, James Rodríguez is a global superstar that’s trending up. He’ll crush this opportunity at Bayern. On the pitch and in the marketing department.



4 thoughts on “James Rodríguez Scores Again

  1. Hi
    I am so glad James is out of RM. I wish he plays at least once a week in BM. Who will substitution when James plays ? Vidal ? For sure it will not be Ribery or Robben.

    Is for sure that Mbappe is going to RM ?


    • I think Ancelotti will use James in an attacking central midfield role or a hybrid winger that can play freely. I can’t guarantee Mbappe will go to Real Madrid, but we all know they want him. Could happen after the World Cup.


  2. I think your RM bias clouds your objectivity….
    As it pertains to Champions League, Real Madrid are in fact the team beat. However, I have heard nothing about Celta Vigo or Sevilla in the transfer market. Why? Because La Liga is a 2 2/3 team race (giving some props to Atletico Madrid). This became an issue for James Rodriguez and I think contributed to his lack of playing time.

    Which brings me to Bayern. Here again is a league that is a 2 horse race and James signs for the faster horse? If he went to Dortmund and helped the challenger I think I would be more inclined to agree with James’ future. In order for Dortmund to win the Bundesliga Dortmund must make changes somewhere. Bayern need only replace Douglas Costa who was sharing time no the left wing. James will struggle to push aside Vidal for a spot in the middle of the pitch. Muller is the utility guy and homegrown Bavarian. James isn’t a natural fit for replacing Thiago as a holding midfielder (the same issue he had at Madrid). Even on the Left wing he is going to have to compete with Kingsley Coman who is natural winger and a player who I think is faster on the wing than James. Good luck pushing Roben out at the right wing. So, he is not the outright first option at any of the attacking positions. He’s amazing!!!! But will he get enough pitch-time? To be determined…

    And….here’s the kicker….Munich are defending champions – which means they don’t have to change things. If James went to a Dortmund, Liverpool, Man U, Arsenal, or any Serie A team not named Juventus he would be GUARANTEED playing time as the 1st option. I fear it’s the pursuit of trophies in Europe which you mentioned that may trip him up.

    I am still going to find a James kit to get. I mean “James” is, like john jacob jingleheimerschmidt, my name, too.


    • All valid points, except for my supposed Real Madrid bias. I’ll admit to a very public James bias though! But really, he’s not joining Bayern to replace anyone. Depth is now a necessity for any team that wants to stay fresh for a Champions League run. That’s what he’ll provide. World-class depth for a team with aging legs at key attacking positions. Hey, but if you’re going to compete in a two-horse race, play for the winner, right?


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