Champions League Final Preview: Dani Alves the Imposter

Embed from Getty Images

Look up Dani Alves on Wikipedia and it says he’s a right back. A classic Internet rumor. Dani Alves is not a defender. He’s never been a defender. Dani Alves has always been a winger disguised as a fullback. You can call him a wing-back, but a player that prefers to attack can never be considered a defender. From his European coming out party with Sevilla, to his spectacular trophy-filled career at Barcelona, Dani Alves has always had an eye for goal.

He thought he could stay undercover by moving to Serie A where defenders are manufactured. But after his two Champions League semi-final performances against Monaco, Alves’ cover is officially blown. He had two assists that any honest winger would be proud of and a cracking goal from a one-time volley that no natural defender could possibly score. Who does Alves think he’s fooling? We’re talking about a guy that had an uncanny level of chemistry with Lionel Messi. There isn’t a defender on this planet that has chemistry with Messi.

Embed from Getty Images

At 34, Dani Alves is having the time of his life. He’s gotten over his falling out at Barcelona, and if he lifts the Champions League trophy in Cardiff, he’ll be an automatic Veggio Signora legend. As “Alves for Ballon d’Or” Twitter campaigns continue to trend, they’re tributes to a man that may be playing the best football of his stellar career. He could drop the mic right now and all of us would stand to applaud. Because Dani Alves isn’t the best right back in the game. Dani Alves is one of the best performers the game has ever seen.


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