James Rodriguez is living his dream at Real Madrid. But should he end it?

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James and I have a few things in common. We share the same passport and we both dreamed of starring for our country in a World Cup, then becoming a Real Madrid Galáctico. One of us made it. The other is enjoying the ride vicariously.

The great debate about James Rodriguez’s future is one I have often with my friends. “How can Zidane leave him on the bench?” “Real Madrid doesn’t value him.” “He should get out of there.” The debates have intensified after his recent performances for the merengues. Here’s why: James is a World Cup Golden Boot winner that when healthy, has lived up to his price tag and exceeded expectations in Madrid. His current form for the European champions has once again ignited talk of an imminent departure from Madrid in the summer.

So, should he go? The easy answer is yes. James is a shining example of how the combination of a stellar résumé and extraordinary talent don’t guarantee playing time at Real Madrid. He could walk in and start at Manchester United. But they’ll have to qualify for the Champions League next season to land James. And let’s not forget that Old Trafford has been a tough place to succeed for South Americans. He could go back to France and give PSG the grit we all know they lack. Or he could head to Germany to be reunited with Carlo Ancelotti. James would become an instant difference-maker for Bayern Munich, a massive club with plenty of depth, but aging legs at key positions.

And what about Chelsea? Antonio Conte is on the verge of winning the EPL, yet he’s stated that Chelsea are rebuilding. Conte wants to get younger, deeper and faster. And he wants players that can consistently perform under Europe’s brightest lights. With ManU, Arsenal and Liverpool hardly looking like title contenders, Conte smells blood. A big-spending summer that includes James could establish the London club as perennial champions.

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But the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s been well documented that James has been frustrated with his lack of minutes. Of course he is. He’s been a non-contributor in some of Real Madrid’s biggest matches. But remember, his dream was to play at the Bernabeu. He lives with his young family in a beautiful city without a language barrier, and trains with world-class players every day. He’s proven that he belongs on the same pitch as Cristiano Ronaldo & Co., proving that his ambition is as much a part of his game as his stealthy left boot.

He’s a Real Madrid player and walking away from that won’t be easy. But he’s also in the best shape of his young career and his confidence is soaring. His equalizer in El Clásico was a near post masterpiece. He followed that up with two goals against Deportivo La Coruña, a very solid performance against Valencia and two more goals against Granada. “Those teams are terrible.” “He’s watching the Champions League from the bench.” Ok, I hear you. A player of his caliber should be starting in every match of every competition.

But don’t worry about James. He’ll get his chance to lead a big club. It may not happen in Madrid, but it will happen. In my opinion, James Rodriguez is livin’ the dream.

What do you think? Will he stay or will he go?

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8 thoughts on “James Rodriguez is living his dream at Real Madrid. But should he end it?

  1. Felipe,
    First, congratulations for pursuing your dream. I must admit that I had a blast reading your blog, especially the one about James Rodriguez. I can really see your passion and love for “the beautiful game.” I honestly felt like I was having a good conversation with my friends back in Colombia while reading this well-written article.
    If I’m honest, when it comes to JR10 and Real Madrid, I’m loaded with mix feelings. As an FC Barcelona fan, I want Real Madrid to fail in La Liga, Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League. On the other hand, I enjoy when James owns the Santiago Bernabéu and delight us with his passes, his dribbling, and his amazing goals. I wish ZZ would give him more chances to prove his worth on the field, but unfortunately “El Mister” already has his starting eleven.
    James is an elite player that could play for the best teams in the world, so is very painful to see him spend more time on the bench than on the pitch.
    If I had the opportunity to chat with him, I would recommend looking for another club that would guarantee him minutes, trophies, and success. Some friends of mine disagree, but I can picture JR10 playing for Tottenham FC (Yes, the Spurs), La Vecchia Signora, La Roma or Bayern Munich. The truth is, only James will know at the end of the season if he wants to bet on more playing time under Zidane (next year) or look for another side where he can play a key role like he did in clubs such Banfield, Porto, and Monaco.
    Once again, congratulations Felipe. This blog made my day.
    Thank you.


    • Thank you and great take, Alfonso. Tons of knowledge there and great insight.


  2. I guess I ask, where does he fit in. I find it hard to believe that Bale will leave any time soon, Modric runs that midfield, casimiro is the muscle. Ronaldo seems to age like a fine wine. The only place I see him playing is if Kroos or any starter is injured . Ascensio is on the rise, and will only get better. Ascensio seems to be his largest competition. With his age and his opposition only getting older I guess it’s up to him to play the waiting game. James has to breathe and it seems he can add Champions league and La Liga titles to his already impressive resume. Off course we are not privy to what happens in the locker room. I say stay.. . You never know who gets hurt next year or whose goals will dry up. Zidane has shown that if you don’t produce , he will replace you. I would not say it’s ” panic” time. Waking up every morning playing and training for Blancos — one can imagine– must be an awesome feeling.


    • Ah yes…Asensio. What a player. When he emerged it made an already crowded midfield even more competitive. Great take. But with a ManU deal reportedly agreed to with James, looks like us the fans will be playing the waiting game. Welcome to the blog, Ryan!


  3. The James commentary is very solid. His problems are, first the depth of the richest club in the world and second, the fact that his game does not seem to fit the undoubtedly successful Zidane management style. Hard to argue this point when Real is set to win the Liga and the Champions.
    Beware, though. James is on his way to Man U, where Jose Mourinho may turn out to be even worst for his career than ZZ. Mourinho is a harsh, conflict prone Manager and I have my doubts about James doing well under him.
    I shall follow this great new blog, Your efforts for us fans of real foot-ball are much appreciated.


    • Welcome to the blog, Al! I appreciate the support. Good point. Mou does thrive in toxic a d chaotic environments. James’ future will be the story of the summer. Wait and see…


  4. Buen articulo Felipe,… la pregunta que me gustaria resolver es ¿puede James irse cuando él quiera? O está atado por su contrato….o por los derechos adquiridos por el Real cuando lo compró?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Fernando. Welcome! I believe James still has 2 years left on his contract, so it’s not up to him whether or not he goes. I’m pretty sure the club has the power to transfer, not a player under contract. An interesting extra layer here is Adidas. James is contractually obligated by Adidas to wear the #10 for any Adidas-sponsored team he plays for. Adidas pays a percentage of his wages.


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